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Hola! We believe that Grandfather Creator, The Great Mystery, Great Spirit, The Great Goddess, The Universe or God brings together alike people. So if you are here you must be one of us, of our tribe…. welcome!!!


On this webpage you will find information about our classes, mentoring, services and products used in spiritual practices.


We created this space to share information about Ancient Spiritual Traditions that are alive and still in practice. This is a place of knowledge and training, not only for exposing ideas or traditions in a theoretical or anthropological way, but to open our spiritual paths and practices. We hope you can draw on these ancient traditions and techniques in ways that may be useful to apply to your modern life.



When we talk about Spiritual Practices, we are talking about Ancient Spiritual Traditions like Shamanism, Curanderismo, Herbology, Spiritual Healing, Energy Work, etc. Our intent is to share as much information as we can share on  online media, in a way that you benefit, grow and also that it is safe.


The traditional way of sharing these ancient practices is through a qualified Shaman, Curandera or Medicine Person that has walked this path for a long time. This means that these practices are lived in all aspects of their lives—in other words, this is their way of life, not a weekend hobby. These life experiences necessarily should include many beautiful successful stories, as well as not so beautiful stories that didn’t go so well. A person must be willing to share this wisdom acquired with others, as we learn from both, our success and our mistakes.



We call that person maestra in Spanish and mentor in English. A qualified mentor can access the Spirit World and communicate with your Higher Self, Spiritual Guides and Protectors on your behalf. Can see your present, past and future in these practices and can guide you accordingly to your specific needs. That is the beauty and the blessing of having a qualified mentor.



Our tradition and the things that we teach are not a religion nor a cult, they are a way of living our life with love, respect and compassion towards everyone and everything. In fact, these practices can help you to experience your own religion in a deeper and stronger level. Anybody can become a student as long as that person has a good heart and good intentions. 



Because many people come from different paths and levels, we offer different classes to help everyone to be at the same level. Our training, classes and workshops have 3 basic components and the combination of these 3 things, is what makes them so powerful:

1- Oral Tradition 

2- Lots of practices and ceremonies

3- Individual Spiritual Initiation for awakening inner spiritual strength and abilities

If you are not interested in becoming a student, you are also welcome to enjoy these pages. You do not need to know anything, you just need to have an open heart.  You will find useful information, video lessons, tips, tools, etc.



Our webpages are about the “Spiritual Path”. Which spiritual path? “ANY”….. because SPIRITUALITY IS OUR OWN PATH. Each person follows their own spiritual path regardless of what religion we practice. Spirituality is not at religion, IT IS WHAT WE CARRY INSIDE OUR SOUL.



From the information that we share here, please take what your heart feels is good for you. Follow your intuition and live life from a powerful, happy, loving and peaceful position.

We also have our online store Curandero Products. It supplies spiritual items that are not so common and hard to find. Many items are not posted in our online store because we consider them too sacred to be exposed like that. You can always send us and email and we will let you know if we have what you are looking for. If you live in California you are welcome to come visit our center and our store in Fresno, CA


 Welcome again and have a happy day!

Paloma Cervantes

Paloma Cervantes Mexican Curandera


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