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We created 3 different webpages to share how we enrich our modern lives in a simple way with Shamanism, Curanderismo & Spirit practices.

You will find useful information, items and tools. 

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To enjoy these pages you don’t need to know anything. You just need to have an open heart. We created 3 different webpages to enrich your everyday life with simple practices about Shamanism, Curanderismo and Spirit. You will find useful information, video lessons, tips, tools, etc.

Our webpages are about the “Spiritual Path”. Which spiritual path? “ANY”….. because SPIRITUALITY IS YOUR OWN PATH. Each person follows their own spiritual path regardless of what religion we practice. Spirituality is not at religion, IT IS WHAT WE CARRY INSIDE OUR SOUL.

From the information that we share here, please take what your heart feels is good for you. Follow your intuition and live life from a powerful, happy, loving and peaceful position.


Our webpages:

Paloma Cervantes Webpage: This is about general Shamanism, Curanderismo and Spirit practices, theory, tools, preparations and information for Everyone, Beginners and future students ( Neither experience nor knowledge is necessary to learn new things from this page.

Shamans & Curanderos webpage: It focuses in practices, ceremonies, spiritual tools and problems that a Practitioner faces (

Curandero Products webpage is our store where you can find items, recipes, tutoring and services related to spiritual practices (


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RESPONSIBILITY NOTICE: According to the regulations that different countries have, Paloma Cervantes and cannot claim the effectiveness of the content in this web site and cannot become responsible for the use that the reader gives it. The information given here is strictly for educational purposes and does not imply or express any health benefits. This information is historic, cultural, folkloric and traditional. It is not recommended to replace medical treatment of any kind for the content of this web site. If you take any information from this site and use it; it implies that you already read this Liability Notice, that you understand it, and that you agree to accept it.

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You may find some mistakes in my writings and that is because English is my second language.

Corrections are more than welcome.


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