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The spiritual path of each person is unique. Here, in this website, we share what we’ve found works for us. Us means me, my students and my practitioner friends. We are sharing all sorts of different spiritual traditions but mostly Shamanism, Mexican Shamanism or Curanderismo. I hope you can take ideas and suggestions to help you, too. Any spiritual practice can help develop stronger connection with your own path. Be open and adapt any information to your own likes.


Mexican Shamanism or Curanderismo can be practiced in both ways; as a religion or as an aid to improve your spiritual practice. Curanderismo is a vterm that covers a vast territory in the Americas and because of that it has developed many different branches. The Curanderismo that we teach is not a religion, it is a spiritual way to improve your life and your own spirituality. Curanderismo practices complement any other religious practice. You can be any religion or no religion and still walk this way.

Some people believe you can reach certain spiritual levels by using hallucinogenic plants. In our tradition we do not do this or condone the use of mind altering drugs. We keep our body and soul clear of harmful substances and we believe in working hard to achieve spiritual levels. In this way, if we need some information from spirit world we can snap in and out of a spiritual state at will in a second. With the use of hallucinogenic substances we are at the mercy of the chemicals in our body.

There are many different ancient spiritual modalities. As an example we have Shamanism, Curanderismo, the Red Road (Native American Traditions) and others. Even if the names are different and the places where they originated are different; in general, the practice is the same. They only have three main differences.


The first difference is the way of performing the rituals and ceremonies. These may be different but the results are the same. To remove the negative energies of a person we can use different methods, such as cleaning with smoke or taking a spiritual bath. The method is different but the result is the same.


The second difference is the language. Because each culture inhabits in a different place on the planet, each culture has developed its own language, such as English and Spanish. For example Mother Earth, has different names in different cultures. Gaia or Gaul to the Greeks, Pachamama for the inhabitants of the Andes in South America and Tonanzin for the Mexica or Aztecs. No matter what name we use, it is Mother Earth that we are calling.


CuranderismoAnd the third difference, are the spiritual tools or instruments. For example, some cultures prefer rattles and others drums.


The essence, the purpose and the result is the same. The path may vary slightly, but arrives at the same place.


The word shaman comes from Siberia. It corresponds to what we know as “healer.” Nowadays, the word Shaman is used to refer to any person that practices any ancient spiritual tradition. As an example we have the “Mexican Shamans. ”


Which spiritual path is better? Which one to choose? There is no better or worse, nor do you have to choose one. You can try different ways and you can combine them too. The spiritual path is an adventure….. enjoy it!!!


For example, perhaps you obtain better results performing a house cleansing with the techniques of the Mexican Shamans, but your favorite way to do a healing ceremony can be with the techniques from the Shamans of Nepal. I think it all depends on your preferences and spiritual abilities. The only way to know which method works for you is by practicing.


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