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Shamanic Drumming Circle

Shamanic Drumming Circle Paloma CervantesA Shamanic Drumming Circle can be a powerful tool. It helps to deepen your knowledge and practice of shamanism.  This Drumming Circle will be focused on strengthening spiritual techniques. This is neither a cult nor a religion. You can have your own spiritual practices, religion and beliefs and at the same time be part of this Drumming Circle. It provides a place to practice regularly, share experiences, knowledge, answer questions and doubts, correct techniques, learn new things, strengthen practices and meet other people with the same interests.

As weird as it may sound, to receive the benefits of our Shamanic Drumming Circle, you do not need to be physically present. You can join us in spirit. We can include your name and request in our spiritual work. After the Drumming Circle is done we can send you an email with our findings.

If you do happen to be in the area (Central California) you are more than welcome to join us- in body and spirit. You don’t need to have a drum, a rattle, medicine bag or experience. All you need is the will to learn and an open heart to allow the blessings to touch you.

There is a big movement in the world right now in which spiritual practices are performed with the use of hallucinogens. This is not the place for that. We do not use drugs or alcohol.

Shamanic Drumming Circle informationShamanic Drumming Circle

When: Once a month. The exact date varies according the moon, weather and other factors. We will have our drum circle in Nature.

Time: Most likely in the evenings unless it falls on a Saturday or Sunday.

What to bring: If you have a drum or a rattle please bring them but it is not necessary. Bring something to cover your eyes like a bandana or blinders. Bring any spiritual tool that you wish to empower with the energy of the ceremony. A blanket to lie down. Paper and pen to take notes. A chair.

Shamanic Drumming Circle Paloma CervantesCost: For people joining physically in this Drumming Circle the cost is just seven dollars to cover minor expenses. If you want your name to be included in
the Drumming Circle for a healing or blessing there is no cost.

How to dress: Dress comfortably. We are in the open so bring clothes that are adequate to be outdoors. Bring a blanket or sweater because the body temperature lowers when doing spiritual work.

What not to bring: Alcohol, drugs, attitude. No children or pet or any other kind of competition for your attention. Leave your phone in your car. We are eliminating distraction so that we can make this sacred space and give ourselves the room spiritually to connect with Creator and heal with Nature.

Paloma Cervantes is the facilitator of this Shamanic Drumming Circle. She has been leading Drumming Circles in this country since 1999. Contact her directly for more information at

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